Let’s Talk Bed Spreads!

In South Africa our summers are hot and humid, and a comfortable night’s sleep can be a battle.

The solution is a cotton bed spread, also called a coverlet or a matelassé.

Yes it might sound slightly confusing, but let me explain the difference.

No it is not quilt and you cannot refer to it as a quilt. A quilt is traditionally a bedcover in which a layer of batting or padding is placed between two layers of fabric and then stitched into a specific pattern or design to hold the layers in place.

So, no go!

The next question will be what a matelassé is?  We do not use this word in South Africa.

Matelassé is also referred to as a coverlet, which is a fabric that appears to be quilted but has no batting (filling). Speciality jacquard looms are used to give a matelassé fabric a unique appearance of intricate designs, raised patterns, indentations and the padded look, often associated with quilts.

The bedspread/coverlet/matelassé is use for decoration and insulation purposes. It is a thin, lightweight decorative cover and is usually made of wool, polyester, cotton or chenille.

It falls midway down the sides of the bed or you can buy a bigger size that reaches the floor.

The classic Beauty of our embossed/jacquard Portuguese matelassé is timeless.  Matelassé coverlets add a luxurious hotel quality to any traditional or contemporary bedroom and are very popular for staging homes on the market. A perfect all-year round decorative product – use it with a top sheet in summer, or include a duvet in the cooler months.

TIP:  Stunning to use as a throw over a couch as well.

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